Samurai Grand Jackpot —up to $80.000


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The dealer turns a wheel marked with numbers and spins a ball along the rim of the wheel track in the opposite direction, If the ball stops on a number that was bet on by a player, that player wins a certain payout.


Game Table



  • Players may keep betting chips even during the spin until the dealer calls “No More Bet”.
  • The dealer will call the winning number when the ball finally settles in one slot on the wheel after spinning, and the dealer will place the “Win Marker” on the layout on the corresponding number.
  • The dealer will then clear away all the losing bets first and pay off the winners based on the payout ratio.
  • No new bets are allowed until the dealer finish paying off the winners.
  • In the event that the ball bounces out of the wheel or it is not possible to proceed with the game under normal situation, the deal could declare the spin void.
  • Betting

Play chips or money chips designated by the casino are used for betting.
All bets in a bet must be placed in their proper positions on the roulette table.
After the dealer calls “no more bets,” bets are not accepted and betting amounts after this are returned

Category Explanation Rank
A. Straight Up Bet Single Number Bet : A bet on one number (35 to 1 )
B. Split Bet Two Number Bet: A bet on two numbers at the same time (17 to 1 )
C. Street Bet Three Number Bet: A bet on three numbers on a same line at the same time (11 to 1 )
D. Corner Bet Four Number Bet : A bet on four numbers at the same time (8 to 1 )
E. Six Line Bet  A bet on 6 consecutive numbers at the same time (5 to 1 )
F. Column Bet A bet on a column line (twelve numbers) of the layout at the same time (2 to 1 )
G. Dozens Bet A bet on the areas marked “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, and “3rd 12” on the layout. (2 to 1 )
H. Even Chances Bet A bet on 1 to 18 /19 to 36 , Even/Odd, Red / Black (1 to 1 )